What is a wheelchair?

A wheelchair is a mobility device designed to assist people with mobility impairments, allowing them to move around and perform daily activities with ease and independence. These devices come in a diverse range of formats tailored to meet the specific needs of users.

Wheelchairs serve a wide array of purposes, accommodating different activities and environments. For instance, sports wheelchairs are designed for athletic pursuits, ensuring optimal performance and agility.

Convenient solution

The primary distinction among wheelchairs lies between motorized and manual variants. Motorized wheelchairs are powered by batteries and electric motors, providing automated propulsion for users. These wheelchairs offer a convenient solution for individuals with limited physical strength or dexterity.

On the other hand, manual wheelchairs rely on the propulsive force exerted by the user, allowing them to self-propel by gripping the wheelchair’s wheels and moving them forward. Alternatively, an attendant can push the wheelchair from behind using handles, or from the side, utilizing handle attachments, to assist the user in movement.

In essence, wheelchairs are versatile devices that empower individuals with mobility challenges. Offering them the freedom to engage in various activities and navigate different terrains, thereby enhancing their overall quality of life.desh

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